Treatment Outcomes

Ark Counseling’s goal is to have measurable clinical outcomes that rank among the best available and that are affordable to people who are underinsured or who have no insurance. To help the public understand our commitment in meeting our goal and to hold ourselves accountable we make available relevant outcome data.


Client Satisfaction

When a client completes treatment at Ark each is given a copy of a document entitled Evaluation of Treatment Program. A person may complete treatment when, among other measures, they are chemically clean for a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks – as determined by random urinary drug screens. Completion of this evaluation is voluntary and a person may choose not to disclose his or her identity. These scores help us improve, over time, future client’s treatment experience at Ark.

Each client is asked to rate their entire treatment experience – not merely one day/week – in 11 different areas. The 5-point scale is from F (worse = 0 points) to A (best = 4 points). The results of all evaluations that have been completed and returned to Ark Counseling are included in the results.



One client who was court ordered to treatment summarized her experience with these words:

“I wanted to thank you all for the life changing experience I have had with each of you and the other clients. In the beginning, it was a very frightening step for me. The first 4-5 weeks were full of anxiety, fear, stress, pride, and annoyance, yet that developed into strength and brought such calm to my life. You guys have really created an environment of safety and health that I have never thought possible. My life and the lives of everyone around me, or that I will ever meet, are forever changed (this is a great thing by the way!). Each of you has played a part in helping me find myself again. Without you, I feel that I never would have found the tools I needed to truly change my life and be the person I want to be and am supposed to be.

All of you are genuinely gifted in your efforts of teaching someone in my position a whole new outlook to life. My sincere hope is that each of you, and all that will be part of Ark, will continue to guide folks that just need help, forever!

“My time there – in all its transformative glory – is truly the greatest experience of my life… to date!”

– Lexi


(Mean) Question

3.80    I feel my treatment was very beneficial.

3.80    I feel my treatment was in a language I easily understood.

3.82    I feel my values and/or culture was respected.

3.79    I believe the information provided to me was very helpful.

3.67    I believe my emotional state has significantly improved.

3.58    I believe I am practicing better conflict resolution skills.

3.64    I believe I am better able to identify and challenge my mistaken beliefs.

3.79    I believe I have gained better insight into the things/situations that trigger my use.

3.58    I believe I have improved my ability to create and regulate my personal boundaries.

3.60    I feel I have significantly improved my coping skills.

3.87    I feel I have made significant improvement in managing my chemical problems.