It All Started When

We are a multi-specialty team of like-minded mental health therapists who have joined together to provide high quality research-informed care. We provide this to adults who are experiencing difficulty with chemical, emotional, or mental health issues. We take a positive approach and believe people are able, with coaching, to rise above any difficulty and to become the person they aspire to be. We share the point of view that while a problem may require a diagnosis, a person is always infinitely more than his or her problems.


Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to provide high-quality outpatient chemical and mental health therapy to people who need competent professional help. Our goal is to have measurable clinical outcomes that rank among the best available – and that are affordable to people who are underinsured or who have no insurance. Additionally, our purpose includes training the next generation of therapists.


Philosophy Of Treatment

Therapists who practice at Ark are committed to the belief that each human being has infinite value and worth, is unique, and has been endowed at creation with the ability to make choices. We believe each person is able to alter the direction of his or her life. While it is true each person has problems, what is truer is that each person is greater than any problem or his or her unique collection of problems.

Using a metaphor, we do not to do surgery on a person’s eyes but adjust a person’s glasses so they can see more clearly. In this process, we do not strictly follow any one philosophical or theoretical approach. Rather, we embrace the “common factors” that are present in all mainstream approaches to effective chemical, mental, and emotional health therapy. The best of these “common factors” are woven into our core values.

“We believe each person’s behavior has a purpose; it always moves him or her closer to where they want to go. We also believe that every person finds a way to do what they genuinely want to do.”